​​After some unexpected and extended family business to take care of, I began the 2016 street preaching sojourn in March. How long it'll last and when it'll end? No idea but I expect it to go several months. This is sojourn number five and each has been longer than the previous.  Random thoughts about this Sojourn:  hey,  I don't have as much energy as years ago!   Maybe I should call this the Assisted Living Sojourn.   Like the previous expeditions,  it's low budget traveling.   Yes, you know it's a cheap motel when the password for the Wi-Fi is a major gun manufacturer brand name!  (Just kidding!)

First stop: preaching at the Univ. of New Mexico campus in Albuquerque. Well, well, it was spring break, so no wonder there were few students on campus! Then later to a city park and few people there too and no response at either place.

Next, downtown Denver where I met Kary, a 40 year old man, former methamphetamine

addict, now saved by the power of Jesus Christ from those chains and darkness and now

deliberately homeless so he can reach homeless addicts. I didn't have that much time to

visit but it was quite a story. Kary is one of those whom I call under the radar Christians,

largely unknown and unseen by churches, making a difference and often at a cost. After

preaching that day I spoke with Jeremy, a young man with questions and searching for

God, and a self-described atheist. No interference from anyone and the Lord provided a

parking space just one block away. That's good for downtown Denver! And the very next

day Denver staggered under 19 inches of snow, taking days to dig out.

       ....  That's Kary on the right ... unidentified vagrant on the left ... in front of the Public Works Office in downtown Denver where Jim was preaching

Next was the Cincinnati area and I preached in Newport, Kentucky, just across the edge of the city where Kentucky and and Ohio meet. I was catty cornered from the Campbell County courthouse and about 15-20 minutes into my sermon when a very amiable cop shut me down for not having a sound amplification permit. So I finished the sermon using a little plastic megaphone.

After Cincy it was Indianapolis, in the adjoining city of Fishers. Here again as I have often seen, the Lord's leading was as precise as a laser beam. He'd told me I was start at 10 a.m., and He directed me to a certain intersection. Just as I was finishing up, another amiable cop showed up, having gotten a call from one woman who thought I was a traffic hazard and who'd been offended by what I'd said. Had I begun later I wouldn't have been able to finish the sermon using the p.a. system, which you really need at such a major intersection like where I was, four lanes on each road and with heavy traffic. And the Lord's choice of places allowed me to park just 25 ft. away from where I preached, great for setting up the cross, p.a. system, and other stuff.

Things you notice along the way ... on my way to Billings,  Montana,  the town of Blue Earth, Minnesota has no traffic lights!  Just stop signs and traffic circles.   Works for them, I suppose. 

Thursday,  April 28th ... have been in often chilly and cold Billings, Montana for several days,  and have given 'em God's word in three city parks.   Little response either positive or negative and again,  local police ignored me.   I have also finished further prep for enabling me to stay out on the road longer,  such as getting my CB radio antenna better adjusted, completing what was needed for a portable shower,  and some other things.  Much more spiritual and physical prep has gone into this Sojourn than any of the previous four.  And my thanks to the extended Schreibeis family for their help, encouragement,  and yummy cooking!



through Montana on my way to Compton,  I came upon an 18 wheeler

with a broken axle,  a cop car or two, and people  watching the buffalo who were

from Yellowstone National Park.   I slowed down to pass,  and the very moment I

 passed the truck,  BANG!  one of my truck tires blew.  I pulled over and in no time

these two young truckers and a third not pictured volunteered to change my tire.

 Now how they really helped is that one of them knew that the key needed to lower the spare time from under my truck was ... my ignition key! .... which I'd forgotten about,  having changed only one flat tire of this particular truck.  If they hadn't been there  just when my tire blew  I could have been stranded on that highway for some time.   Thank you,  Lord for Your help and its perfect timing!

PREACHING IN COMPTON,  CALIFORNIA (California, aka Mexico North) ... I'd preached here on my 2013 Sojourn and the Lord sent me back here.  For several days I've been back preaching on the sidewalk along the park in East Rancho Dominguez. (And yes, there is a West  Rancho Dominguez!)  My first day I was circled closely by a helicopter and soon a man from the County Parks and Rec came out to see if I was legal.  Having dealt with them in 2013 I gave them the same answers and showed how I was in compliance,  such as not blocking public passageways,  etc.  He soon left and I haven't had any police attention sinceHave been preaching there since MAY 4TH in both Spanish and English.  No response yet but seeds are being planted.  And 98% are accepting the tracts I offer.

May 14th ...  pray for Norma, a believer struggling to obey.  She came and           

talked to me as I was preaching at the same park.   She told me something

we should note:  years ago the Lord had given her two dreams of a huge

tsunami wiping out much of California,  and after one of them,  how people      

were hungry for God's word.  Oh,  that they had such hunger now!  This is

now the fourth time on a preaching sojourn that a stranger has come to me

telling me the Lord has communicated to them a severe judgment is coming.

Deut. 19:15 -- "... on the evidence of two or three witnesses a matter shall

be confirmed."  Others are saying the same thing.  Now, not all messages

you hear out there agree,  so use discernment.  But does not our sin justify

judgment?  And pray for Lewis,  a homeless man who let me explain the gospel to him at length.  He

didn't believe he was a sinner but I certainly gave him something to think about.

May 15, 2016 ... A LITTLE ABOVE AND TO YOUR RIGHT ...  A PICTURE OF OUR SPIRITUAL CHAOS .... this is the closest to a woman street preacher I've seen in America.  The woman, in Spanish,   was more praying than preaching, in a parking lot near the park where I have been preaching.  I did not hear her call people to repent in the name of Jesus.  What does God's word say about this? I Tim. 2:12 "But I do not allow a woman to teach or exercise authority over a man,  but to remain quiet."   Folks, if a woman is not authorized to preach in a church,  then neither is she in the streets.  And we wonder why God doesn't move with power!

Some of you may not believe the Lord may speak to His followers nowadays. Brethren, He does sometimes.  Not for doctrine, but for direction.  No new doctrines are forthcoming; the books of Hebrews, Revelation, and Jude make that clear. But when you enter cities where no one knows you and where you can street preach in hundreds of places, you need specific direction as to where and when to go.  And sometimes I have divine appointments where the Lord sends a certain person my way who wants to talk to me.  This again shows the need of a street preacher to receive God's pinpoint direction.   And Denver, Colorado cannot be found in the Bible.

In John 15:14 Jesus gives us a breath taking promise of we being His friends -- His friends -- if we obey Him, saying “You are My friends if you do what I command you.” What do friends do? They talk with one another. Don't you speak to Jesus in prayer?  What holds this personal God back from responding to you in a personal way?  Or, might you be holding Him back?  Five, five times in John 10 Jesus tells us His sheep hear and know His voice and follow Him, and in 10:5, “A stranger they simply will not follow, but will flee from him, because they do not know the voice of strangers.” In other words, His sheep are given discernment as to whether they are hearing from the Lord or not.  In decades of being an active Christian I have failed to discern before and have made mistakes in knowing His will. So I proceed cautiously and sometimes ask Him to repeat or confirm and He often does. And I would not accept anything contrary to His word or nature.

After Compton it was Phoenix,  Tulsa, and St. Louis ... In hot Phoenix I preached at Coronado Park, usually to just small numbers of people.  The Lord has His reasons why I was there.  Maybe it was to meet Molly,  a 14 year old who spoke to me on two different days and took a tract.  In Phoenix I had to have major repair done on my truck and the little church I belonged to stepped right up paid that big bill.  Thank you Lord!  Then on to Tulsa where I preached downtown in front of a large office building called the One OK Plaza at the intersection of Cheyenne and 6th St.  Not once did a cop or building management person object to my being there.   I spoke with Jen and Jeff at some length.  Both listened seriously and are at a crossroads in their lives.   Then to St. Louis where the Lord directed me to preach in front of the Civil Courts Building at 10 N. Tucker St. which is across the street from a federal courts building and catty cornered from the old St. Louis City Hall building.  Two city parks are also nearby and many people passed me on the wide pavement area in front of the Civil Courts Building.  For nine days I gave 'em heaven as well as warning about what God could do to us if we don't repent.  And not once did any officials interfere.   This despite my p.a. system cranked up loud and me always telling people that abortion and homosexuality,  two of Amerca's pet sins,  are an affront to God and a sin.  God wanted this message heard!   A number of people took tracts and I had chats with several,  some skeptical,  some very supportive.   Brittney told me about a vivid dream of her and her husband being unprepared for God's coming judgment. One night in the KOA campground where I was staying,  Lem  told me about a vivid dream of being in a tent city of thousands of people following a catastrophe.  I don't ask people if they've had such dreams but now in Compton and in St. Louis people have told me of them when I talk about God's coming judgment.   God is getting His warning out to the grassroots.  And notice it doesn't seem to be coming from America's pulpits.   Is your pastor getting a word from the Lord about this? 

Friday and Saturday,  June 15th and 16th ... while in Missouri,  I went to Springfield Missouri,  and let me  tell you about that!   Through pro life contacts I teamed up with Aaron Brummitt, a young pastor and street preaching bulldog for the gospel if there ever was one,  to preach at the Springfield gay pridefest,  a parade and concert  celebrating perversion.   Pastor Aaron had Bible verse signs professionally made and mounted on tall poles.  Those who had chosen homosexuality --  you're never born that way -- didn't like our signs but kept coming up to us asking question after question.  There I am holding one of these signs and I preached a total of three times in Springfield.   Besides Aaron and I three other young men,  experienced street preachers as well,  gave them the truth about sin and forgiveness to this crowd in deep spiritual darkness.  We were there for about 10 hours and everyone in our six person team had many serious conversations with people about homosexuality and the gospel.  That's pastor Aaron in the left picture,  the young man with dark hair and he is flanked by two other street preachers,  Jeremy on our left and Gilead on our right.  

And Springfield pastors,  where were you?  You were invited to join but didn't show.   Pastor Aaron had invited other pastors in a town of 160,000 to stand against this blatant evil,  but like in so many other cities,  they stayed away.  Men, you are accountable as the moral leaders of your congregations and cities,  and Jesus is not going to accept your excuses.  If just 5%  -- is that too much to ask? -- if America's pastors would take a public,  in the streets stand against evil much of it would disappear.   From seeing victories won by small,  ragtag bands of Christians over the last 25+ years I can guarantee that.  But we refuse to be the SALT THAT JESUS SAYS WE ARE  because we are comfortable with sin,  aren't we?  Thus,  God leaves disobedient churches.  No obedience,  no power of God!  So no wonder less people attend church, and  so to prop up our churches we resort to man made marketing plans such as the seeker sensitive movement to boost attendance.  So it's crank up the rock and roll band,  throw in a light show,  delete sin from the already short sermon,  never mind that pornography and divorce are ravaging our congregations,  and let's pretend we're honoring God while a tsunami of sin obliterates this unique land He gave us to be a light to the world.   This stench in the nostrils of God,  known as the Springfield pridefest, could have been stopped had the city's clergy cared!   Lord Jesus,  please close the door of wicked and worthless churches soon! 

July 22,  2016 ... the Spring Sojourn ends ...  here I'm joining other street

preachers with Operation Save America at the Southwind abortion clinic at 5107 Kellog Ave. in Wichita, Kansas.  We were there for a week in several pro-life activities. I preached six days in that city.  My hat goes off to Word of Faith Church in Wichita for their never ending help to our activities.   Pray for their Pastor Rob and his uncommonly bold pro life leadership of that church. 

The Sojourn ended and I am now preparing for the next one.  This Sojourn planted seeds of the gospel with thousands of people in Denver, Albuquerque,  Cincinnati,  Indianapolis, Billings, Compton, Phoenix, Tulsa, Springfield, Missouri,  and St. Louis, Missouri,  as well as Wichita.  Again, my biggest impression is how little opposition I met,  despite hitting hot button issues such as abortion and homosexuality.  In that way it was rather quiet.   Another surprise ... occasionally I'd ask people under 30 if they were content with how America is and none,  none of them were.  More and more people are concerned about our nation.  When so called millennials, who usually have their noses glued to their smart phones,  start comprehending where we are,  you know it's bad!

Now more than ever America needs to know that the God they have spurned is still preparing certain people here and there to receive His best.  If America does not repent,  only those with a true,  born again  saving relationship with Christ will have a chance to survive God's coming judgments on us.

September 13,  2016:  Another Sojourn begins ... the Lord's

leading was clear. 

Just a quick update:  cities where I've preached were Spring,  Texas (in the Houston area)

Shreveport,  Topeka Kansas,  and now Wichita, Kansas.   In all these cities so far I've seen

God's specific guidance and provision.  One example is the photo on the right:  taken at the

intersection of Airline Drive and Meadow Creek Drive in Bossier City by my new friend

Mildred.  She came out on two days I was there to offer cold water (it was hot those days!),

 a good tip on where I could get travel trailer repair work done,  and a very helpful donation!  Street preachers seldom get

all that!   I've been mostly at intersections where all streets are busy, four lane streets.  Though people hear me for just short periods as they drive by,  still,  many do hear something.  This time I now have a small, used travel trailer I can stay in and not hotels.   The only police attention in these towns so far has been to courteously ask me to lower the p.a. system volume or to unload my gear in a better way to minimize traffic delays, which I want to do anyway.  II Thess. 3:1 "Finally, brethren, pray for us,  that the word of the Lord will spread rapidly and be glorified,  just as it did also with you."  Folks,  pray for this little ministry and all  the street preachers of the world.   In some areas they may be the only source of God's saving truth. As I have seen all year,  it seems the majority hearing me are unconcerned about their eternity.  They want God's blessings back on this country,  but sadly,  not God Himself.    

November 25th,  2016  --- the Lord had told me to go to Atlanta!   So I've been preaching in the Atlanta suburbs of Chamblee and Brookhaven for the last few weeks,  this time in Spanish as well as English.   Most people accept the tracts I offer.  So far, just two serious spiritual conversations with passersby,  but not enough time or possibly interest about nailing down a saving relationship with Christ.   Most hearing me are driving by or waiting maybe up to a minute and a half at the big intersection where the Lord has sent me.  So short sentences and simple words are the order of the day.   The Lord has impressed upon me that I will be in the Atlanta area for at least a few months,  so I have put the trailer (not made to stay in during winter) in storage and rented a room in a two story house to stay.   Nice to have a full kitchen!   I have been visiting First Baptist of Atlanta on Sundays and their music is superb with a full orchestra.    And the preaching is equally good.   I usually find good preaching and good music go hand in hand,  and shallow music and shallow preaching hand in hand as well.    So wherever you are and whoever you are,  are you really,  really,  sure you're going to heaven? Read, ponder,  and ask yourself if the truth in I John 5:13 is true for you -- "These things I have written to you who believe in the name of the Son of God,  so that you may know that you have eternal life."   So here the Bible tells us we can know,  really know,  if we're going to heaven or not!    Make sure!   


Renovation Ministries ... street preaching the truth to America's citiesT

RenovationMinistries   -- a street preaching ministry of a man named Jim and others who help him.

Jan. 4th, 2017 ... still preaching in Brookhaven at the same intersection. Local police continue to ignore me and with two bus stops nearby, people are passing by often. Some talk and seem not to know the Lord as their Savior, such as William, Jennifer, and Melissa.  Some are believers but are discouraged.  I expect to keep preaching here for a while.