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So who's going to win in California? Governor Newsome, who in July, 2020 banned all indoor

worship services, or the pastors saying no, we'll keep worshipping indoors and as we see fit?

But there's another part of this that's being ignored. It's more serious and I'll get to it.


The most prominent pastor saying his church will not submit to COVID restrictions is Dr. John

MacArthur, leading Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, down in the San Fernando Valley

near Van Nuys. (I've visited there twice.) Among others also resisting are the three Northern

California pastors who filed a federal lawsuit in July 2020 saying the ban prohibiting singing

in church is unconstitutional. So court decisions and enough public pressure will decide this

tussle surely later this year.

The churchmen say church is essential, the Bible commands them to worship, and that the

COVID restrictions are unconstitutional. OK, we see their point.


But they're ignoring a bigger issue. We're not seeing that COVID and other problems continuallly plaguing California come from us having rebelled against God. Our problem isn't COVID and religious restrictions. It's that we brought it and everything else – homelessness, fires, drought, and more on ourselves. America and California have turned away from God. And we really don't care. But the consequences are huge when a nation founded by God rejects Him.


COVID is a warning judgment from God telling us His even far worse judgment is coming. Where do I get that? Easy. Read in the Old Testament, Deuteronomy chapter 28. It's a rather long chapter detailing the many ways God tries to get a nation's attention when it strays from Him. Being our Creator, He has the right to call the shots. Being a just God, He warns before a terminal judgment. Just some of the more prominent warnings in that chapter are widespread violence (like Black Lives Matter), foreign domination (like China's meddling, spying, and economic power over us), and freaky weather like we've seen in recent years.

In verses 21, 59, 60, and 61 – now that's at least four times – God tells the rebellious Hebrews He'll send sickness to them for their rebellion. In other verses He promises boils, tumors, blindness, and other severe problems. These things don't come to nations honoring God. But they are one big way He tries to get our attention when we rebel. But we're not listening. In all this COVID battle of pastors vs. the government, how often do we hear them calling their flocks and America back to God? I'm not hearing anything.


But most American churches aren't hearing from God anymore. Church attendance and membership have been on a nationwide decline for decades. They talk about it. As an ex pastor I can understand the challenge of caring for the flock. Now we have mass shooting in churches! They're supposed to be God's house. Church shootings were completely unthinkable 40, 50 years ago. But God doesn't protect most American churches now. He's left them and they don't even see that!


II Cor. 3:17 says “Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty.” People, if a nation has been abandoned by God then it loses its liberty. That includes religious freedom.  You don't want God ruling over you?  OK, no liberty.  True and full liberty comes from Him. So no wonder churches are fighting COVID restrictions!


Pastors, set aside your plans and agendas. Cancel your services, wherever they are to be now and call your church to seek God like you've never done. Don't return to normal activities until you hear from Him. It's obvious that what American Christianity is doing is not working. COVID, Black Lives Matter, and many other problems are just symptoms. It's time to deal with our real problem of our separation from God.


I've written an ebook of about 25 pages on how the American church can survive the coming real persecution. I assure you it's coming.  It's based on real life experiences of believers who've been jailed for their faith, sometimes for many years. The book is titled Light in the Shadows.  To get your copy go to  It's $6.00. Please give it your HONEST rating by stars at the bookseller where you downloaded the book.  Your comments and ratings can be seen only there and  can help me improve the book.

Thanks! A street preacher named Jim

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