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North Korea's Kim blinks ... but it's not a Trump victory yet. So keep prepping.

March 15, 2018

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Time to admit it, millennials, Trump may be the best president you could have.

March 15, 2018


This is simple.  What helps small and large businesses helps everybody sooner or later. What has any halfway sane corporation ever done with extra funds?  They invest in themselves.   They do this primarily by expansion.  So they pay for new product development,  they increase inventories,  and expand facilities,  This means more staff will be hired.  Increased inventories means supplier sales go up.  So suppliers  hire more people.   Facility expansion also means new construction and more manufactured goods will be sold.  New plants need new machines.  Businesses immediately get a much higher rater of return investing in themselves and with no real risk than, say, playing the stock market.  This all happens when businesses don't have to pay as much in taxes.   And remember this helps small businesses and that's where most hiring is done. 


Sure, as I understand the present tax plan as it was passed,  it greatly reduces the write off for student loans.  But take the long range look.  While it'll take longer to pay off student loans, the long range job market will be much better. You'll pay off that loan faster with a job geared to your degree than flipping burgers.   


And speaking of flipping burgers,  within literally a few hours of the tax bill passage,  two major corporations announced they were boosting their minimum wage to $15.  So you can pass up on applying at McDonald's.  Plus,  that same day other large companies announced plans for major new investments and even bonuses.  For millennials, look for more  opportunities to save for that first home down payment and better jobs in the next 12 months than you've had in the last 16 years.   So ,,, Trump's not looking so bad after all, is he?



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