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Christians Want Trump More Than Jesus    1/7/24

Did you ever  really  look at the evidence that the 2020 presidential election was stolen?  The evidence is overwhelming that Biden stole it.  At last count some 1,142 people submitted affidavits saying they saw election law violations.  You sign an affidavit knowing you risk the felony offense of perjury if your statements are false or disingenuous.  Other evidence is by documents, video tapes, and more.  State election laws in several states were broken.   The Biden steal was the most documented political theft in our history. 

While the evidence for the steal grew not much happened.  Roughly half the country is seemingly content with this Constitutional meltdown.  Ho-hum, what’s on TV tonight?  And the GOP?  Forget them. They’re more afraid of criticism than to stand for what is right.  So most quickly bowed the knee to Chief Thief Biden.

Meanwhile, scattered throughout the Republican Party are evangelical Christians.  Muted and subdued, they woke up to  a new and increasingly harsh environment.  Gone are their allies Trump (unless he wins in '24) and Rush Limbaugh.  In his term Trump clearly respected the Christian faith.  Kiss that goodbye.  Biden’s oft stated determination to protect and even expand abortion and so-called homo rights smashes into repeated and clear Scriptural teachings imbedded in our laws until the last 40 years or so.  But Christians know that God’s laws will endure and that to follow Christ -- which is to know Christ – they must uphold His laws.  If you deny His laws you deny Him. Soon many professing Christ as Savior will have to choose to follow Him or not.   

But where was any ongoing, nationwide call from American Christians to return to God and lift up the name of Jesus in the last four years?  I didn’t see it.  We were like the rest of Americans – we just wanted prosperity, lower taxes, and freedom.  And at the very least, where was any nationwide service to offer thanks that the Secretary of Hell Hillary Clinton lost in 2016? I didn’t see it.  Where was any true anguish over the abominations we have enshrined as rights?  I didn’t see that either. It’s largely been business as usual with some hand wringing. Ho-hum, what’s on TV tonight?  I sense more anguish from Christians over Trump not being installed in 2020 than our country hanging by a charred thread over the fires of hell. 

You don't see Jesus get more than a quick nod at best at the Trump rallies filling huge stadiums. So the American church, already not standing to protect Biblical worship in this COVID era, long since having accepted abortion as unchangeable as the Grand Canyon, quickly accepted the Great Steal.  A church – and a nation -- accepting abortion will accept anything.  Anything!

How does God say we should react?  It’s pretty clear. The Old Testament equivalent to slaughtering the unborn was sacrificing live children to the pagan god Molech.  That really made God’s blood boil.  Here’s what the Bible says in Lev. 20:1-5  -- Then the Lord spoke to Moses, saying, “You shall also say to the sons of Israel:  any man from the sons of Israel or from the aliens sojourning in Israel who gives any of his offspring to Molech, shall surely be put to death; the people of the land shall stone him with stones.  I will also set My face against that man and will cut him off from among his people, because he has given some of his offspring to Molech,  so as to defile my sanctuary and profane My holy name.   If the people of the land, however, should ever disregard that man when he gives any of his offspring to Molech, so as not to put him to death, then I Myself will set My face against that man and against his family, and I will cut off from among their people both him and all those who play the harlot after him by playing the harlot after Molech.” 

But you never hear this passage preached from any pulpits, do you?  God commanded many people to rise up and execute Molech worshippers.  Do you now see how seriously He takes the shedding of innocent blood? Nothing like that will happen today.  But from my years of experience ministering in front of abortion clinics from coast to coast I can guarantee without hesitation that if believers just prayed on public property in front of clinics all would permanently close within five weeks.  Every single one of them!  I have seen Christians close clinics.  But we would never consider that for a moment.  Why, uh, that would be not only controversial and radical but well, well, just, just … unseemly!  May I remind you that Jesus dying on the cross was radical?  And unseemly? 

Notice ignoring this command defiles God’s temple in Jerusalem and profanes, or smears and degrades, His name.  Now American Christianity has been declining in church attendance and the public’s respect for now decades.  God’s left America and His church  and we don’t know it!  How many more church shootings will have to happen before you see this?  If He’s not protecting His house, guess what?  It’s because He’s left!  Do you see any correlation between our surrender to the slaughter of the unborn and the decline of the faith?  A church no longer holy and that doesn’t obey won’t have His power. Or protection.  That Leviticus passage has been in the Bible for 2,000+ years.  But we don’t care.  Hey, maybe Biden won’t be so bad. Now what was on TV tonight again?

God has given America and its church much more than all other nations.  He thus expects more from us.  Luke 12:48 tells us “From everyone who has been given much, much will be required.”

Get ready for the nonstop, searing nightmare of God’s sledge hammer judgment against America. We have passed the point of no return. His judgment will end and shatter our nation as we know it.  Oh, was that going to be on TV too?

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