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It all began innocently enough with the virus in 2020. First we couldn't meet on Sunday mornings without wearing masks and other restrictions. But it's gotten worse. Now a few places forbid home Bible studies! There's no end in sight.  The Biden regime has signaled threats to religious freedom.  People,  REAL persecution is coming!

A street preacher named Jim has written Light in the Shadows, a practical guide that will help your church survive and minister as it goes underground. Taken from the real life experience of months in jail from 20 arrests in the pro-life movement and from that of other believers who've paid a higher cost for obedience, this ebook teaches you what's not discussed at your church.  Depending on how it downloads on your computer/smartphone, whatever, it now runs about 45-50 pages.  

How would your church operate covertly? How would you deal with your family being forced to split? What about courts, trials, and jails? These and other matters are covered in the ebook Light in the Shadows now on sale at leading online booksellers for $6.

Jim, who prefers to keep a low profile, began a personal relationship with God through grace by faith many years ago. His life was changed. He was active in the pro-life movement for over 20 years and has street preached in 37 cities in the U.S. and Mexico. He earned a master's from an accredited seminary and briefly pastored a Hispanic Southern Baptist church.

To get your copy of Light in the Shadows  click on   It will direct you several online booksellers.  Choose the one you want. But avoid Vivlio because it's all in French. Once there you will be shown how to download. You can download directly to your computer by PDF or other formats you prefer including Nook and other devices depending on the what the vendor carries. If you don't have PDF go online and  you can download it for free. Please give it your honest rating by ranking it with stars at the bookseller where you buy it. Your ratings and comments will be seen only at the booksellers and can help me improve the book. Thanks!

Here's what Flip Benham, a longtime pro life leader says about Light in the Shadows:
“Like the author, I have been frequently jailed for defending the right to life of our preborn brothers and sisters.  I am a pastor and former Director of Operation Rescue/Operation Save America.  This little booklet is full of practical advice on how to deal with persecution and a future justice system that will be hostile to living out our faith in the streets of our cities.   The author, a street preacher named Jim, also explains how we can survive and thrive as the Church of Jesus Christ in the most difficult of times.   We are not merely asking God to stop the rain.  We are asking Him to teach us how to dance in the rain.  For the rain is most assuredly coming.  If you think that America is headed in this direction, this is a book I would highly recommend.”

Here's some shots of me street preaching in different U.S. cities: Left to Right:  Raleigh, NC, Albuquerque, NM, and Compton, CA.  I often preach in Spanish as well as English and always set up a 9 ft. high PVC cross.  I hand out gospel tracts to anyone taking them and most do. To my considerable surprise I've overall had very little attention from the police.  I'm available to preach in your area. I always travel alone and always use a p.a. system.

American street preaching is a challenge to communicate the gospel to everyone today with a lower than ever reading comprehension level over all kinds of street noise. And most people hear you for just 45 seconds waiting for a light to change. Easy, right? So unlike many street preachers I don't use the King James translation but another formal, word for word translation, the New American Standard that's easier to understand. If you believe the Lord wants you and I to work together for the gospel you can email me at

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